Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Third of July!

We celebrated a little early this year for the 4th of July! We invited our friends out to Doug's parent's house for a little Fun in the Sun on July 3rd. Our friends Christie & Mike Haag, Katie & Klye Graves, and Lindsey Gross-Rhode came along with all their kids!

Samantha & Alden tested out their new goggles that daddy got them.

Jayger went down the big slide!

Grant followed Jayger...but Samantha wanted no part of it!

Clair loves to float on her back!

Mikena & Alden monkeying around.

Crazy eyes!

Clair is still working on that sharing thing...

Samantha & Megan had fun at supper!

Jayger, Mikena, Samantha & Alden watched from above as the adults finished eating.

Jayger & Alden chased each other with water balloons!

Jayger's dad, Mike, was in charge of filling all the water balloons up!

He was a popular man!

Jayger, Mikena, Christie, & Mike stayed late and watched fireworks around the lake with us! Check out their patriotic outfits! Lots of red, white, & blue! :)

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3 years old - Nov 2008

3 years old - Nov 2008