Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jayger's 5th Birthday Party

We were invited to Jayger's 5th birthday party at the indoor playground at Mahoney State Park on Friday, August 19th. The kids were so excited - especially when they saw how big the playground was!! He had a monster truck party!

Jayger - the birthday boy was all smiles!

Christie made the cake! There are toy trucks on it and it was so cute!! He had 2 cousins with birthdays close to his, so they celebrated with him!

Mikena was very excited her brother was celebrating a birthday!

Samantha had a blast!

Alden loved his Big Wheeled Cup!

Clair continued to eat after everyone had already left the table to go play! She could eat forever if we let her!

She was a BIG mess!

Jayger opened Samantha & Alden's present - LEGOS!

Alden & Jayger go exploring together!

Clair loved the ball pit!

She liked to jump and then fall into them!

Rock Wall Simulator! The kids got their own try at this! This is Jayger's cousin Jamison who is only 6 years old! She was VERY good at it!

Mikena joined Clair in the ball pit!

The kids had so much fun and they slept very good that night! Thank you to Christie & Mike for inviting us!

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3 years old - Nov 2008

3 years old - Nov 2008