Sunday, October 28, 2012

Elbow, Omaha Children's Museum Models, USAF Band, Sunday School Christmas Program, Christmas Parties, Sam Wins a Hot Dog, and Ice Skating at Mahoney!

Sam and Alden went to the Christmas Carol at the Omaha Community Play House with Grandma and Grandpa McKnight While Clair went to the ER because of a dislocated elbow.  Guess which arm.

All better!

Michelle teaches Body Combat, a Les Mills program, at the Plattsmouth Community Center.  Les Mills had a Quarterly Workshop in Omaha at the Downtown YMCA. These are instructors from our gym that went with Michelle!
Sam's beauty school. 

They kids were the cover models for the Omaha Children's Museum for the Construction exhibit. 

And for the New Year Eve party.

We took the kids to the Heartland of America Band Christmas Concert.  

They got to meet Santa, Clair screamed.

Michelle and Sam in the Holland Center

Doug and Alden rockin' the matching sweaters.  Also with us that night was Grandma Nancy and Sandy and Grandpa Jim.  The kids sat through the concert very well!

Sunday School Christmas program was the True Meaning of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Sam was the first day of Christmas.  She did Great with her lines!

McKnight Family Christmas!  Scott and Max hanging out.

Michelle and Max also chilling.

Clair and Alden decided to be stinkers and not pose well for pictures.  You can guess how that frustrated Michelle.

Samantha's Kindergarten class Christmas party.

Jim and Doug took Sam and Alden to a Husker basketball game.  Sam got picked to be in a game at half time.  They put all the kids shoes in a pile at center court. Then they had to run and put them on and come back and make a basket.  Samantha found the girl in blue's shoes for her because they had the same type of boots.  

She almost made it to the hoop.

She won a hot dog for playing.  Alden was the real winner.

Then the kids hung out with this guy in a Santa suit.  

Christmas with Great grandma and grandpa McKnight!

They love this little game where they match shapes and Grandpa is good at it too.

Richardson Christmas  Here is the Great Grand Kids.

Nancy with her favorite grandson.

Clair resetting passwords on Melisa's phone.

Holman Christmas!  We played a game that involved this, but it was long over when I took this pic.

The whole group of Great Grand Kids.  All of them seem to be looking at something.

Yep that's it.

Not sure about this one.

BINGO time.

After Christmas there was a nice warm day and we got some Ice time at Mahoney State Park!

And we ran into Shaely and Teresa at the rink.  

So nice that day we even climb the tower! 

Sam and Jayda at the Rose.  

And that sums up most of December 2011!

Catching up.... Halloween through Turkey Day

Halloween at PCC

The Day Care at PCC has a parade for the kids!

Samantha's Kidergarden class Halloween party.

Even McKnight Family Dental got in the Halloween spirit, well at least one side of the office.

The best shot of all three of the kids.  

Trick or Treaters invading the Holmans

Still invading but at the McKnight's

Someone is turning 6  We had a MR. Men little Miss Party for her.

Samantha Picked out everyones Name tags.  We thought Alden's was dead on.


Some of the Grandma's

Samantha went to Jr. Blackshirts for the Northwestern vs. Nebraska Game.

The Girls before the game.

PCC folks before the Beer and Bagle run.  Michelle has the crazy zebra hat.

Doug, Joel, and Vonn

Trying something new For Samantha's Friend birthday party.

At "That Pottery Place" with a wild crowed of Girls.

Next door at Zio's pizza.

Samantha felt the boys in her life were left out, so we had dinner with Grant and Jayger at Pizza hut. 

Clair enjoyed the food.

MOPS hanging out at Bounce-U

Just too much fun for Alden.

The Women of Pawnee City.

I Think the have the Same Smile.

Nancy's Family(Doug had Pink eye)

Pre-School Thanksgiving Feast.

McKnight Thanksgiving dinner.  Cecil got in on the coloring.

getting ready to set up the Tree and Clair is down for the count.  It had been a long few weeks.

Sam getting every Branch just right.

The Tylenol had Kicked in.

Finding just the right spots.

Sam was informing Alden her spot was better.

The last Touch.

3 years old - Nov 2008

3 years old - Nov 2008