Friday, August 12, 2011

Brett and Cassie's Wedding

On Saturday night, we went to the wedding ceremony for Brett & Cassie. It was conveniently across the street from our hotel!

Alden waited patiently for the wedding to start! He even got to sit in the King's chair (well...that's what we told him it was so that he enjoyed sitting there)!

Doug & I looked pretty good all dressed up!

This was the best family picture we got of all of us! All 3 kids are looking 3 different directions!

During the wedding, Clair got a little loud and Doug had to take her outside the sanctuary. They enjoyed the HOT hallway in the back of the sanctuary! Clair ran around like a terror! She had a great time, squealing in delight! The wedding planner had to shut the door on them because she felt it was too loud (Although we didn't hear a peep once she left the room)!

The wedding reception was at our hotel. Alden was very thrilled to get his chicken & steak!

Clair loved Papa McKnight once again!

The kids had a great time dancing with Aunt Jodi, Charlotte, & Dustin!

Clair & Alden had a secret conversation that must have been funny! Check out the look on Clair's face! And Samantha loved jumping in her dress!

Dollar Dance with Cassie! Samantha asked to go back again and again!

Alden also danced with Cassie!

Clair danced with Brett and he was very nice to come down to her level to dance!

Alden & Brett got their groove on!

Goldie instructed the kids on how to dance!

The inside of our hotel looking down from the reception balcony.

Alden & Eric waited for the garter toss! Alden had to drag Eric out there and then Eric taught Alden how to back away from the garter as it came their way.

Line Dancing!

Great Grandpa Cecil & Great Grandma Lila watched the kids dance all night from the front row of tables!

The kids lasted the whole night at the reception! We left as the Bride & Groom left the room! The kids blew bubbles at them as they walked down the staircase to leave for the night. Lots of the wedding guests continued the party at the bars downtown, we however, went to bed as we had an early morning ahead of us and a drive to San Antonio to go to SeaWorld!

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3 years old - Nov 2008

3 years old - Nov 2008