Saturday, August 20, 2011

Clair's 1st Trip in the Doodlebug!

Clair was not as lucky as Samantha & Alden were when they were 6 months old! They got to ride in the Doodlebug (bike trailer) when they were babies. Clair had to wait until this year for her inaugaral trip! Doug took Clair for a bike ride while I was at church with Samantha and Alden working on cleaning our Sunday School rooms.

Clair loved her new Bike Helmet! She put it on at the house and didn't want to take it off before she got in her car seat!
All buckled in and ready to ride! Doug said that she talked to and squealed at puppies on the bike trail! She left her helmet on the whole time they were riding and she never feel asleep!

They stopped for a quick break at Aksarben village. There was a farmer's market going on there, so they walked around a little bit (Doug wished he would have had some cash with him so he could get a peach or some beef jerky, but he only had credit cards with him!) and then went to the water area.

View of the playground and movie theatre from the water area at Stinson Park.

Clair didn't want to get wet. She stood this far away and just stared at the water. Maybe she knew she's not supposed to get wet without a swimsuit on! After this, she did not want to get back into the doodlebug! But, eventually she did! Overall, she had a great time with daddy and the doodlebug!

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3 years old - Nov 2008

3 years old - Nov 2008