Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dance Recital - Rockin' Around the Holidays!

Samantha's dance recital was held on June 18th at the Plattsmouth High School Auditorium. This was her 2nd year of dance with Janice Freeburg's dance studio and it only made her love it more! She asked me on the way home from the recital when dance lessons would start again!
Outside before the afternoon show! Her costume was very cute this year!

She acted funny at the 1st recital of the day, almost like she was nervous! I kept asking her if she was okay, but she insisted she was fine.

Nebraska City Papa (aka Grandpa Ward) came to the first show of the day.

Flowers from mom!

Some of Samantha's "dance"mates before it was their turn.

1st dance - Tap! "I'm Just Getting Started"

Alden came to the 1st show too! Doesn't he look thrilled!?

2nd dance - Ballet! "Me & My Teddy Bear" The teddy bear's outfit matched hers!

Auntie Debra & Great-Grandma Lila came to the 1st show. Grandma & Grandpa McKnight, Great-Grandpa Cecil, Doug, and Mike came as well.

I was lucky enough to go to both shows!

After the 1st show, we went out to Doug's parent's house and had supper before it was time to go back to town for the 2nd show. Samantha still seamed not like herself! She finally confessed that she had a bad headache! Once we gave her some tylenol, she was much better. The frown on her face disappeared and a smile appeared! She nailed the 2nd show! :)

Uncle Chris came to the 2nd show!

Grandma Nancy came to the 2nd show as well!

Samantha with her church friends - Kelby & Jessica Meisinger.

Samantha with her preschool friend - Stella Campin.

In the Dairy Queen Drive Thru on the way home from the 2nd show! We got a chocolate shake to celebrate!

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3 years old - Nov 2008

3 years old - Nov 2008