Sunday, September 20, 2009

Zoo Trip with Mandy & Caden

Last Wednesday, we took a trip to the zoo with my friend Mandy and her son Caden. Samantha & Alden had a blast with Caden. We let them play on the Lion Statues right as you come in the gate to the zoo and Alden thought it was pretty cool to ride on a baby lion statue. :) Next, we did the butterfly pavilion and I tried not to look at the bugs and spiders in the next room. The giraffes were all outside that day and really close to us. We stood there for a long time watching one of them try to get a leaf off of its tongue! The Zebras were next and then we walked over the bridge with the spider monkeys on the island next to it, so of course the kids had to feed the fish some food before we could move it. The baby sea lion "Coco Pup" was out, so we stood there for along time watching it play on the slimy floor of exhibit and then it climbed up to it's mom on the rocks. We saw the gorillas and got to see the newest baby gorilla born at the zoo. I teased Alden that the gorilla came out of mommy's tummy and that was going to be his new sister! He didn't think too much of that! The baby gorilla was just as tiny as newborn baby! Then, Caden wanted to take us into the "Kingdom of the Night" with all the night living animals. That was kind of creepy and smelly, so we walked through it quickly. Samantha & Alden didn't care too much for it either! Then, we took a short break on a bench and watch Caden chase the peacocks. After that we drove to Fazoli's for lunch. It was a great play date for Samantha & Alden!

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Mandy said...

I am oh-sooooo glad you didn't post the pic of ME on the giraffe! :) hahaha

3 years old - Nov 2008

3 years old - Nov 2008