Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Doug & the kids went to his parents house on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. I went to a movie with a girlfriend of mine and then went out to their house. The kids had a fun afternoon because their cousin Shaely was there with a friend. The water in the lake was already cold, so Doug took the kids on a paddle boat ride, which they thought was so much fun! They had supper and cleaned up and then played inside for the rest of the evening.

On Monday, Doug & I took the kids to Mahoney State Park to play on their huge outdoor playground. First we climbed the lookout tower. The kids thought that was fun, although Samantha was pretty scared when the tower started moving in the wind. Alden loved to look at the trains from above and liked breeze blowing through his hair. After my 81 steps to my seat at the Husker game, the steps up the tower were pretty exhausting for me! But, I made it! After the tower, we drove to the playground and the kids had a good time playing on all the stuff. Samantha decided to be brave and went down the big slides over and over. Alden followed her up the steps, but then decided he wasn't brave enough when he got to the top. There were quite a few pieces of equipment perfect for Alden, so he mainly stuck to those. After they were exhausted from playing, we drove to Gretna for lunch at McDonalds.

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3 years old - Nov 2008

3 years old - Nov 2008