Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Samantha's Tunes

Samantha is exposed to lots of different kinds of music these days. The whole child development group talks about classical in the womb. the baby Cd's are full of crappy Mozart and batoven(yes I know I cant spell) It would be fine if it was the real thing but they dumb it down and make it suck. So I have made Sam her own CD's to develop her little brain. Right know in her cd player that we listen to before bed is a jazz cd. we sample a bit of everything. Dizzy, Miles, David Brubeck, and Maynard. Lots of trumpets, and Herbie Hancock. She really likes the up tempo stuff and Starts to dance around a little bit. She has also had a cd that is full of Rock. Some Ben Folds, Cake, Reel Big Fish are some artist and some songs like little bitty pretty one, Hush, and Hey baby kind of going with a baby style. Here favorite songs are "Omaha, Nebraska", "Hay ya" Particularly the shake it like a Polaroid picture part. Most importantly The marching band is in heavily rotation. She has hear pregame from the womb on. So any suggestions about the Music choices for Samantha are welcome. And yes debbie there is one coltain song on that cd, Giant Steps.(but it is at the end) I would also like to say thanks to everyone for reading and I hope it is enjoyable any suggestions are welcome. And thanks to Steve for Starting his own blog and getting me addicted to reading about his day to day life. I will put a link on as soon as I figure it out.


Steve-O said...

Dude, ya gotta get her to listen to some Westerberg. And yes, there is some nice songs that is appropriate for the pre-verbal group.

Either that, or the Michigan fight song.


Dig Dug said...

Steve, if there is something better than beer for breakfast then send it my way. We do try to keep it clean for her that way if she gets a potty mouth we can blame it on someone else. And yes the Michigan fight song is good, but we are huskers after all.

3 years old - Nov 2008

3 years old - Nov 2008