Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Here comes Samantha

The pictures on our fridge are gradually getting higher and higher. Somehow she is considered tall for her age, not a trait I gave her. I contributed to her goofy toes and crazy eyebrow movements. It drives Michelle nuts when she gives her one of my odd looks. She is walking more and more on her own, we don't have to dingle a toy in front of her anymore. Still can't steer a walker. She also has not gotten use to walking with shoes on but the great grandparents are happy that we finally put shoes on her every now and then. Sam is now up to 4 teeth, not in the right order she just wants to be different.

On other notes the car will be fine, in a few weeks. Michelle's neck is just a little sore and Samantha has been just fine.


Steve-O said...

Dug, I would reccomend lots of coffee for Sam. You want her to end up around 5'4 or so. Have her walk, then ride up as many hills as you can find in PLattsmouth. By age 4 or so she should be logging in about 100 miles a week, with some intervals thrown in.

Remember, races are won in the mountains and in the time trials.

Elizabeth Freidel said...

Hello McKnight fam! Good to see you guys are doing well. Sam is getting so big, I cannot believe it! Love the website, cute idea. Take care,
Elizabeth Freidel :)
PS.. I cannot spell to save my life either Doug...don't let Michelle give you too much grief haha

3 years old - Nov 2008

3 years old - Nov 2008