Friday, November 19, 2010


Clair's silly, scary pumpkin that Doug carved.

Donald Duck (Alden's pumpkin) caved in a little before we snapped a picture of it)
& Minnie Mouse (Samantha's pumpkin)

Because Halloween was on a Sunday this year, we did A LOT of trick-0r-treating this year! We started on Friday morning at the Plattsmouth Community Center. After I got done teaching my Body Combat class, the kids paraded through the Community Center and Senior Center in their costumes. That afternoon was the annual Halloween Parade and trick-or-treating on main street in Plattsmouth. There were a lot more kids this year because of the beautiful weather! It was in one word - CRAZY! People everywhere, hard to move - CRAZY! The kids got lots of candy and I got my socializing in for the weekend! The kids even got in the Plattsmouth Journal in their costumes!

On Sunday, Halloween, the kids had to sing at church and then we threw there costumes on and went to lunch at Fazoli's on 78th & Cass in Omaha. After lunch, we went to Lowe's to visit Grandma Nancy @ work. She gave the kids some silly bands and each an activity book (instead of candy -which they didn't need more of). After Lowe's we went to Grandma & Grandpa McKnight's house and they got their special Halloween cookies made by Grandma. Next, was Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa McKnight's house and then finally Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa Holman's house. We headed home to regroup before Doug set off with Samantha & Alden for a few more stops at friends' houses around town. Clair & I stayed at home to make sure all the trick-or-treater's that rang our doorbell got a piece of candy and a toothbrush!

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3 years old - Nov 2008

3 years old - Nov 2008