Sunday, October 28, 2012

Catching up.... Halloween through Turkey Day

Halloween at PCC

The Day Care at PCC has a parade for the kids!

Samantha's Kidergarden class Halloween party.

Even McKnight Family Dental got in the Halloween spirit, well at least one side of the office.

The best shot of all three of the kids.  

Trick or Treaters invading the Holmans

Still invading but at the McKnight's

Someone is turning 6  We had a MR. Men little Miss Party for her.

Samantha Picked out everyones Name tags.  We thought Alden's was dead on.


Some of the Grandma's

Samantha went to Jr. Blackshirts for the Northwestern vs. Nebraska Game.

The Girls before the game.

PCC folks before the Beer and Bagle run.  Michelle has the crazy zebra hat.

Doug, Joel, and Vonn

Trying something new For Samantha's Friend birthday party.

At "That Pottery Place" with a wild crowed of Girls.

Next door at Zio's pizza.

Samantha felt the boys in her life were left out, so we had dinner with Grant and Jayger at Pizza hut. 

Clair enjoyed the food.

MOPS hanging out at Bounce-U

Just too much fun for Alden.

The Women of Pawnee City.

I Think the have the Same Smile.

Nancy's Family(Doug had Pink eye)

Pre-School Thanksgiving Feast.

McKnight Thanksgiving dinner.  Cecil got in on the coloring.

getting ready to set up the Tree and Clair is down for the count.  It had been a long few weeks.

Sam getting every Branch just right.

The Tylenol had Kicked in.

Finding just the right spots.

Sam was informing Alden her spot was better.

The last Touch.

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3 years old - Nov 2008

3 years old - Nov 2008