Saturday, January 22, 2011

The 7th Day...Rope Drop @ Hollywood Studios

We started our 7th day at Disney with another rope drop at Hollywood Studios. We got there extra early, even though it was still very cold out. Doug ran up to the front of the crowd and got a good spot to run to Toy Story Mania to get Fast Passes for us all! The kids & I stayed behind a little so that we didn't get run over.

While the kids and I were waiting for the park to open, I got Alden, Clair & Samantha all in the double stroller! Yes - that's 3 kids in a double stroller. I had a plan to run to Toy Story Mania too! This way Samantha's legs wouldn't hurt because they were going so fast to keep up with me and the rest of the crowd. It turns out Clair didn't like sharing the back seat of the stroller, so we had to abandon my plan! Samantha got out and walked and Alden returned to the front seat!

Doug got us all Fast Passes for later in the morning, and then he jumped in line with us. We walked right past all the fun distractions that usually occupy people while they wait. Mr. Potato Head talks to you as you wait.

After the ride, we walked over to meet Buzz & Woody. The kids got to get their pictures taken by following the path. (See the above picture for more information.)

Alden can act really scared! He may have a future in acting!

Clair just hung out with Doug while we waited in line.

We finally made it to the front of the line! Alden was so excited! Sam & Alden were both wearing Toy Story shirts that day!

Toy Story topiary outside of the meet & greet area.

We walked over the meet Sorcerer Mickey while it was still chilly outside because he was inside where it was warm!

After meeting Mickey, we walked back to Toy Story Mania to use our Fast Passes!

Samantha was rockin' the 3D glasses! :)

Next was the Cars Photo Op. (They call it a meet & greet - but really Disney?? They can't talk, they can't even move! They are just cars!)

Next up... Sully & Mike from Monster's Inc! (Auntie Debra's boyfriend is named Mike - they think that's pretty cool that one of the characters at Disney has the name "Mike" too!)

Clair just hung out while I tried to ride Rockin' Rollercoaster. It was broken down most of our trip, so I just gave up trying to ride it.

Samantha needed to give June one more hug! It's her favorite Little Einstein!

Frozone & Mr. Incredible were fun to meet!

We watched the American Idol show! Alden loves American Idol. He & I usually watch it together on TV and he tells me who he thinks is good.

After the show, we decided to leave for naps. Alden was getting sicker and so we thought he could use a break. During naps, Samantha & I walked around at Downtown Disney to plan out our shopping plan for the next day.

The Christmas tree was decorated with all kinds of toys and board games!

Mr. Potato Head & Buzz are outside Once Upon A Toy - my kid's favorite store!

Once Clair & Alden woke up, we decided to head towards the Magic Kingdom to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Doug got the kids a snack while they waited for the parade. Each character was on the stick was a gummy snack! The kids thought they were gross, but they were very cute! :)

The parade was fun for the kids because they love Christmas lights! We left after the parade and went back to Westgate for the evening.

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3 years old - Nov 2008

3 years old - Nov 2008