Thursday, November 15, 2007

Alden's Baptism

LJ & Alden (LJ is Michelle's cousin's son and they are 3 weeks apart)
Alden's Godfather's (Uncle Chris & Uncle Greg)
Our little family of 4!
Auntie Debra with Samantha and Alden
Debra performed the service for us. Alden really like the water when she put it on his head...he smiled up at her.
Alden was awake for the service, but didn't stay awake for the cake.
It was a very special day for us and are so happy so many people came to celebrate the day with us.

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Anonymous said...

Grandpa Farmer would be so proud of
his great grandsons!

3 years old - Nov 2008

3 years old - Nov 2008